Quick to Pounce

My dog loves to sneak up on his dog toy, wait on the floor, and then suddenly pounce on it. He wags his tail, runs down the hall and then does the same thing again. Very entertaning.

Sometimes God uses the silliest things to drive home a point.  In my quiet time this morning God lead me to a Scripture that talks about inquity in our heart. "I confess my inquity; I am troubled by my sin" (Ps. 38:18 NIV). I asked what He wanted me to confess to Him.  He brought to my awareness that there are times I am quick to judge people and how high my expectations of others can be.  I can place that bar pretty high and expect others to rise up to meet it.  He impressed upon me that the only thing I need to be concerned about is my bar and to let others set their own bar of expectation. We are not all at the same place and that's okay.

Gulp.  Okay, I got that, judgement and expecations. Oh, but He wasn't finished. Then He reminded me that when people don't meet MY expectations of them, I can pounce pretty quickly.  So it wasn't just the judgement and expectations that He brought to light, it was the fact that I make sure people know in some way, that they "missed" the bar.  The picture of my dog flashed through my mind.  How often do I (and maybe you too), wait for someone to do something or behave in a manner that we expect, and then pounce on them the moment they didn't deliver the results we wanted?  Suddenly the dog image wasn't so entertaining anymore.

Here are my questions for you.  How quick are you to pounce on people? Where do you, in a sense, lie in wait when someone makes a mistake?  I challenge you to mediate on that same verse and ask God to look into your own heart to see what He needs to bring to light for you. 


A Broom and a Dustpan

Think about a broom and a dustpan.  Someone makes a mess and now someone must clean it up.  One holds the broom and the dustpan.  Does it really matter who cleaned it up, as long as it gets swept up?  Here's the point.  It doesn't matter which person caused the mess, God can clean up everyone's mess.

The same holds true for the mess in your heart.  God can clean it up if you hand him the broom and the dustpan.  He doesn't expect you to always know how to clean up your own mess.  That's why He does it for you.  Handing God the broom and dustpan represents you taking responsibility and acknowledging that there indeed is a mess that needs to be cleaned up.

What is the mess?  What happened?  How did it get there? Who was hurt in the process?  What needs to be fixed? Whose heart needs to be healed? These are all questions God considers as He cleans up your mess.

Spiritually God considers, "How has this mess pulled them away from Me? Why are they looking at the mess and not at Me? What are they focusing on if not Me? Where do they doubt My love? Where do they need to have more faith? What are they hanging on to instead of Me?"

It is time to come back to God and let him heal your heart.  Maybe you have been caught up in the deceptive snare of the evil one.  Maybe you have bought into his lies.  Maybe he has deceieved and entrapped you with the things of this world. Maybe you have watered down God's message because you have watered down God.  It is time to once again drink from the River of Life.  It is time that your thirst gets quenched by God and not the things of this world.  Give God the broom and the dustpan, and allow him to clean up your mess.

Convenient Christianity

We're spoiled.  We like things quick and convenient.  Make it simple, easy, pretty and fun!  Even Christianity?  I have bumped into Christians who want absolute convenience and multiple choices.  I call them "drive through Christians".  They sound like this:

  • I want a church where I can go to the service while my kids are in S.S. and be done in one hour.
  • I want to be able to choose between Saturday night and Sunday morning services.
  • I don't want the services more than one hour long.
  • They don't offer enough programs, or, they offer way too many programs.
  • I like Beth Moore Bible studies, but I don't like having homework.
  • I know I should spend time with God, but just don't have time in my day.
  • Do we really need a full hour of Sunday School?

God spends a lifetime (ours) pursuing a relationship with us, yet people think if they've shown up for church, it's all good.  God is not a menu.  You can't have a fast food approach to your relationship with Christ.  He wants to spend time with you to nourish your soul and help you grow in your knowledge of him.  A hasty "what's-in-it-for me" diet, will never allow you to fully know your heavenly Father.  You need to take the time.  

God's never said, "No, I'm not really in the mood for (your name) today" or, "Make it quick.  I've only got an hour".  Please, give God the time and glory he rightfully deserves.  Make him Lord of your life in the way that honors HIM!


Is This You?

You are a Christian woman entrepreneur.  You've been in business for a while yet something seems off track.  Truthfully, you just aren't where you thought you'd be by now. To be honest, you are tired of doing it "everyone else's way".  You know deep down inside, your heart wants to express itself more authentically in your business.  You would absolutely love to know how to uncover the business God placed in your heart.

You definitely could use CLARITY on what makes you delightfully distinct from eveyone else.  You would love someone to show you the keys to unlock and access your unique heart-centered business.  

The dream in your heart is longing to burst forth.  You can't imagine not doing what God has placed within you to do but you need guidance and easy-to-implement next steps.  The truth is, you probably have not made the connection between the heart and the business, AND you haven't figure out how to monetize it and have sustainable income.  

You are heart-centered and God-centered, meaning you want to use your gifts to impact others and have a business that honors and glorifies God.  

You believe this is much more than a business...it's your calling.  God gave this to you but you haven't fully stepped into your Kingdom Assignment yet. 

You love your work because it give you soul-filled abundance.  You know you are here to make a difference and impact people's lives.

You enjoy using your gifts to help others and transform their lives in some way.

You want to understand how to uncover God's business blueprint for your business.


If you are ready to have your "heartprints" all over you business, knowing you are doing the exact work you are called to do, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


The Spiritual Cleanse

Is God putting you through a spiritual cleanse?  God washes out any sinful debris and residue that is clogging your heart and keeping you from being wholly submitted to him.  Your impurities must be flushed out to make room for holiness and Christlike character.  

What kinds of things clog you up?  It could be: ungratefulness; annoyance; quick to judge; impatience; or an unloving heart.  You didn't think this could go on forever did you?  Eventually it catches up with you.  There comes a time when God, because of his relentless love for you, shows you very clearly that the clog has got to go!  He will have his own way of bringing it to your attention.  This is a good thing because it brings spiritual cleansing and renewal.  Sometimes you NEED this cleanse for future leadership or your next step.  You have got to let go of your "stuff" so God can grow you.

When you know there are things clogging you up, bring it to God immediately so you can BE who he has created you to be.  God's love flows freely.  Ask him to show you where you heart is clogged up from loving Him and others freely too.  Let God give you a spiritual cleanse as often as necessary so you can have a pure and loving heart to be freed up to do what he has called you to do.