Simple Ways To Follow-Up

Your success depends a great deal on how well you follow-up with people.  Remove the stigma of doing follow-up and think of it as staying in touch with those whom you've connected with in a way that is FUN for you.

When people follow-up with me, I am actually impressed that they CARED enough to follow-up.  Those that do are the ones that stand out!  Does that surprise you?  I know from personal expereince that most entreprenuers do not do this.  They are afraid they'll be "in your face". 

I want you to erase the negative connotation that you are being annoying to people when you do follow-up.  There is a way to do it that feels warm, friendly, and authentic.  You can do it in a fun-for-you manner that won't feel sales-zy.  I even have a no strings approach to my follow up.  I simply send out a friendly "hi" encouragement card, while giving something of value.  This ALWAYS works in my favor.

Here are just some ways (there's tons of them) you can follow up authentically:

  1. Thank you cards, or nice to meet you cards
  2. Emails: "Checking in", or "thinking of you"
  3. Phone calls that are warm and friendly in nature
  4. Lunch or coffee dates
  5. Sending out warm letters
  6. Encouagement/Birthday card (personalized and caring)
  7. Send an article or link to a colleague or potential client
  8. Do an assortment of follow-ups for variety

You can be as creative as you want.  I know this for sure:  The better you connect; the more value you give; and the more authentic you are, the more you will be very client attractive.  Trust me on this; following up will increase your business.

Are You Braver Than A Robin?

We've been watching robins meticuously building the perfect nest beside our garage.  Early one morning I saw the nest lying on the ground. I assumed they followed their natural instincts and began to fly.  Robins can't stay in their nest forever; neither can we.  We too, must outgrow our nests.

We LIKE personal comfort; guarentees; and security.  How are you going to make the difference in the world you are BORN to make, if you stay in your nest?  You MUST get out of your well-built nest.  You must learn to get out of your own way; take risks; try new things; and embrace opportunites.  God has placed a call on your life, and I can promise you it WILL require you to learn how to fly as you follow his leading.

What type of "nest" do you have?  Where do you choose to stay safe and comfortable?  You may have a friendship nest; ethnic/cultural nest; colleagues and associates nest; even a "spiritual" nest.  (You know, where you stuff God into your comfy zone instead of letting him surprise, rattle, or stretch you to show you who he really is and how much he cares about you). 

What would happen if you followed your nudge and finally flew out of your nest?  Who would you BE?  What would you DO? Who would you SERVE?

If a robin can do it, so can you.  Are you braver than a robin?

Do What Dogs Do...Stick Your Head Out

I was driving down the street and my dog did what dogs do...she stuck her head out the window.  Suddenly a gust of wind blew through and she plopped back down on the seat.  She looked at the window and persistently stuck her head out again.

As I watched her do this numerous times, it reminded me of being an entrepreneur.  We try hard to stick our necks out and let the world know we're here.  We want our ideal clients to find us.  We look for opportunites and joint ventures, anything to help us grow our businesses. 

Suddenly, we too, get knocked off our feet by a blast of fear, self-doubt, and overwhelm.  In fact, everytime I, or my clients, move to a new level in our business, we get a wind blast of old mindsets and beliefs showing up.  It just does!  Like my dog, we pull back in and regroup and deal with whatever "the wind blew in".  The quicker you can handle the wind gusts of fears, uncertainty, etc., the sooner you can focus on your business and keep going.

I will always champion entrepreneurs.  It takes courage, tenacity, and consistency to grow your business.  Just like my dog, don't let the wind gusts keep you down.  Get out there and show the world who you are!

I Want To Be Somebody!

I still remember the poster a friend gave me in eighth grade.  It was a picture of a girl on a swing that was tied from a tree branch.  The caption read, "I want to be somebody."  The words jumped out and resonated deep within me.  Still do.  The poster is long gone, but the truth remains. 

I also remember shopping with my sister.  I'd ask her which top she liked better.  She'd point and say, "that one" and I'd buy the other one.  Always.   She still laughs about that. 

I wanted to be different.  I didn't want to be like everyone else.  I wasn't trying to be radical; I just wanted to stand out in my own unique and brilliant way. I wanted to be ME.  Always have. 

Here's a clue for you.  If you feel like you are being stuffed into a mold, or like you are not being true to who you are, it's time to re-evalute and look for what feels "off".  Listen to what your heart is telling you. 

As entrepreneurs it's essential that you know what sets you apart.  You need to know what makes you sparkle and shine in a way that's different from everyone else. 

How about you?  Do you know what your brilliance is?  Do you know what makes you a one and only in your business?  Are you honoring and valuing who you are?

Please don't try to be someone you're not.  There is something wonderful and special about you. It's perfectly okay to want to be somebody, as long as that somebody is YOU!

RELEASED Women's Conference

I love butterflies.  I just got back from speaking at the RELEASED Women's Conference in Belton, Missouri.  It started as a small seed, an idea, that God planted in my heart.  God gave me a picture of a cocoon turning into a butterfly.  Before it is ready to fly, it needs to go through a transformation process.  I realized that we too, need go through a transformation before God fully releases us into our calling. 

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