Why is Life Coaching Important?

So many times I get asked why do I need Life Coaching? There can be many reasons it really depends on what your needs are. Coaching allows you to gain a better experience in what direction you need to take in order to succed towards the goal(s) your achieving. So often a common reply clients tell me "I don't know my next step."  Life Coaching gets you started in the right direction. It's important to find a life coach who understands you and you feel comfortable in sharing your goals.

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Do You Feel Stuck?

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut, not knowing what direction to go, or what step to take next?  Being stuck reminds me of Canadian winters.  Even the best drivers get stuck from time to time.  Getting stuck in life and business is remarkably similar to getting stuck in the snow.  Here's how.

You rock back and forth with indecision; the more you rock, the deeper you get, and the less progress you make.  The sooner you make the decision, the sooner you can get on your way.


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Listen to Your Intuition...Please

Your intuition is the best business building tool you have; please use it. Your intuition is that gut feeling; or those little nudges or inklings you sense within you.  Listen to it, it is telling you something.  Ignoring those inklings can be a BIG mistake.  Paying attention to them however, will steer you in the right direction.  We've all experienced the regret of not acting or doing something we felt we should be doing, and later kicked ourselves for not trusting our gut.

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