Find Your Own Voice

I heard two women talking the other day and I could SEE the struggle one of them was having as she tried to express all that was on her heart.  She had so much to say, but just couldn't put it into words.  After hearing the content of their conversation, it struck me that what she was really wrestling with was her own identity and finding her own authentic voice.  It saddened me that she wasn't "owning" who she was.  She didn't even see clearly who she really was, deep down inside. 

I woke up at night and my thoughts drifted to that lady in the coffee shop.  I realized that the reason I was so bothered by her inability to express herself and give voice to her heart, was because that was me a while back too.  In a sense she was my mirror and I hated the reminder of what it was like for me to have so much to say but end up not saying anything at all.  I had to find my own voice.  I had to intentionally go out and look for it, (actually I looked within to find it).  It was a true, and enjoyable, journey of self-discovery.

I love what John Maxwell says, "when you find who you are, you will find your own voice".  I guess that's why I love helping women get clarity on who they are at their core.  There are so many women like her who have never truly discovered themselves, let alone given themselves permission to hear their own hearts. 

Have you found YOUR voice? Your heart needs to have a voice to say all the things that it is longing to say.  When you recongize you voice, the world will recognize it within you too.  People may even say, "oh that is SO you!" 

What if you dared to discover your true voice?  What if you brought that voice to life and shared with those who need to hear what you have to say?  Imagine being able to say, "I was born for this"!  If you need help with any of this, I'm here for you, okay?


Courage To Be Who You Are

We all have fears; I get that.  Yet sometimes your fears can paralyze you from truly becoming who you are meant to be.  It saddens me to see people sit on the sidelines of life and watch other people succeed.  They remind me of butterflies who close up their wings and refuse to fly.  Yet, at the bottom of their heart, they think, "I wish I could do that too", but their fears, insecurities, and self-doubt hold them back.  They get caught up in their own personal bondage and never experience or become all they were meant to be. 

  Being who you are means having courage to:

1.  Know who you are.  I know this sounds simplistic but you'd be amazed at how many people have never discovered and embraced their true selves.  This is really a "know thyself" journey and it imeans discovering the gift you bring to the world in a way that only you can! 

2. Honor yourself.  You are magnificent and wonderfully unique.  Honor every aspect of who you are.  Honor your voice; your thoughts; your opinions; and your heart.  Stop being who people expect you to be and be true to who you are.

3. Be friends with yourself.  There is not escaping you, not even for a second, so treat yourself well.  Don't try to be someone your not; it will never work anyway.  Love the YOU that lives inside your heart.

4. Listen to your heart.  Trust your heart; it will lead you in the right direction.  Allow it to "speak"; give it a voice.

This is what I want for you.  I want you to capture who you are at your core and live from the inside out.  Don't be like a butterfly who folds up its wings and tries to hide.  You were created for so much MORE than to sit on the sidelines.  Dare to become all that you are meant to be!

Follow-Up Is NOT Annoying To People

You may think that following-up on a regular basis eventually gets annoying to people.  I have heard:  "How much is too much?"  Or, "I am afraid they will unsubscribe from my list".  Most business owners don't do consistent follow-up.  They tend to stop after about  3 contacts  and then wonder why they are not bringing in business.

The truth is, people forget.  They need to be reminded of your events, teleclasses, and just the fact that you are there when they need you.  Life gets busy and people double-book themselves.  They may make a commitment and then something unexpected comes up.  It happens.  Gentle reminders are actually appreciated.

People don't check emails, or, whatever you sent them gets lost in the inbox.   I know I've deleted emails my accident, haven't you?  Inboxes are innondated with emails, so don't be offended if they skip past yours or intend to read it later, but never get around to it.

Maybe your ideal client or customer likes what you offer, but needs more convincing that you can do what you SAY you can do.  That's okay.  I'm not "sold" on everything right way either, are you?   Maybe they just haven't decided either way.  Show them the benefits of working with you; attending your events; or whatever it is.

Consistency builds trust AND brings in clients and income.  It keeps you connected to your clients, referral partners, and others.   Be creative in the different ways you follow-up:  emails; phone calls; warm letters; "thank you/nice to meet you cards"; business lunch, etc.  Make your follow-up FUN for you; that way you'll be sure to do it. 

Do the Decent Thing: Respond!

We all get things coming our way that require our attention and a quick response.  Yet many people do give a response, return phone calls, answer emails, or provide the required feedback.  Responses get delayed because people are busy, schedules are full, or they just don't take the time!

Nothing annoys me more than having to follow up with someone for a simple yes or no, or other short reply.  If you make people wait on you, you will lose their interest and even their business.

Why do people choose NOT to respond?  Perhaps they have been conditioned that way and it's turned into a nasty habit; or they don't realize how much their response might be valued by the other person. 

A simple way to make a positive impact is to respond to events, situations, even phone calls.  It's amazing how that can leave a favorable impression about who you are as a person.  By NOT responding you appear complacent, uninterested, even cold.  That's not very attractive, is it?

Make responding a personal strategy.  Responding works in your favor.  You’ll appear more receptive, reliable, and responsible.  It gets you noticed; shows that you care about the person or situation.

Responding leads to future possibilities.  When you’ve taken the time to provide quality feedback, or contributed to someone in some way, you hit the radar screen.  People remember you.   

Responding shows character, adds quality, and even professionalism.  Responding is magnetic.  You’ll attract more into your life when you do the “little extra”.  If you want to stand out from the rest, do the decent thing and respond to people when it's needed.


5 Purposes To Follow-Up

Follow-up serves a purpose, yet so many entreprenuers dig in their heels when it comes to doing it.  They can find all kinds of other "more pleasant" task to do.  They forget WHY they are doing it in the first place.  Let me remind you of the importance of follow-up.

1. You are building the relationship. Follow-up shows you care, when it's done authentically.  It says, "hey, she really wants to connect with me".  If you work with women, you will know that relationships matter to them.  When follow-up often, you establish the relationship, build trust, and show that you care about them and not just the sales.

  2. Follow-up allows you to reconnect with past clients.  You don't want to serve them just once, and then have nothing else to offer.  You want to remind them of additonal services you can provide that they may now be ready for.  It is also a way to remind them that you are still here.

3. Add value.  You can add value in so many ways:  an article; a link; a teleclass; or a referral.  Your follow-up is not about YOU, it's about them, and how you can help them solve their problenm.  I try to add value in every conversation so that in some small way I have helped change their life, or at least steered them in a direction.  Do that in your follow up too.  Give value because you can!  They will thank you for it and may one day choose to work with you.

4.  Positions you as the expert.  Offer helpful tips, strategies, etc. that they can use immediately.  In this way you are reminding them of your expertise.  Keeping in contact with your past and potential clients on a regular basis helps them remember you.  You WANT to be the first person that comes to mind when they need your services, on know someone who does.  Think of follow-up as gentle reminders that you are here for them when they need you.

5.  Make follow-up personal, intentional, and fun!  Consistently showing up, adding value, reminding your people of your presence and expertise, is a surefire way to grow your business and get more clients.  Do it in a way that feels like fun to you and allows your creativity to shine through.

Here's what I know.  If you don't follow-up you won't get the business you want to have.  Determine today to make following-up one of your top priorities.