Follow-Up Is NOT Annoying To People

You may think that following-up on a regular basis eventually gets annoying to people.  I have heard:  "How much is too much?"  Or, "I am afraid they will unsubscribe from my list".  Most business owners don't do consistent follow-up.  They tend to stop after about  3 contacts  and then wonder why they are not bringing in business.

The truth is, people forget.  They need to be reminded of your events, teleclasses, and just the fact that you are there when they need you.  Life gets busy and people double-book themselves.  They may make a commitment and then something unexpected comes up.  It happens.  Gentle reminders are actually appreciated.

People don't check emails, or, whatever you sent them gets lost in the inbox.   I know I've deleted emails my accident, haven't you?  Inboxes are innondated with emails, so don't be offended if they skip past yours or intend to read it later, but never get around to it.

Maybe your ideal client or customer likes what you offer, but needs more convincing that you can do what you SAY you can do.  That's okay.  I'm not "sold" on everything right way either, are you?   Maybe they just haven't decided either way.  Show them the benefits of working with you; attending your events; or whatever it is.

Consistency builds trust AND brings in clients and income.  It keeps you connected to your clients, referral partners, and others.   Be creative in the different ways you follow-up:  emails; phone calls; warm letters; "thank you/nice to meet you cards"; business lunch, etc.  Make your follow-up FUN for you; that way you'll be sure to do it.