Do the Decent Thing: Respond!

We all get things coming our way that require our attention and a quick response.  Yet many people do give a response, return phone calls, answer emails, or provide the required feedback.  Responses get delayed because people are busy, schedules are full, or they just don't take the time!

Nothing annoys me more than having to follow up with someone for a simple yes or no, or other short reply.  If you make people wait on you, you will lose their interest and even their business.

Why do people choose NOT to respond?  Perhaps they have been conditioned that way and it's turned into a nasty habit; or they don't realize how much their response might be valued by the other person. 

A simple way to make a positive impact is to respond to events, situations, even phone calls.  It's amazing how that can leave a favorable impression about who you are as a person.  By NOT responding you appear complacent, uninterested, even cold.  That's not very attractive, is it?

Make responding a personal strategy.  Responding works in your favor.  You’ll appear more receptive, reliable, and responsible.  It gets you noticed; shows that you care about the person or situation.

Responding leads to future possibilities.  When you’ve taken the time to provide quality feedback, or contributed to someone in some way, you hit the radar screen.  People remember you.   

Responding shows character, adds quality, and even professionalism.  Responding is magnetic.  You’ll attract more into your life when you do the “little extra”.  If you want to stand out from the rest, do the decent thing and respond to people when it's needed.