Heartwork Coaching Program

My Heartwork Coaching Program is designed to get to the true heart of who you are and the true heart of your business.  What does your heart have to do with your business? Everything. Together we will uncover the business God has placed in your heart!

Heart-Centered Coaches, Solo-Professionals and Entrepreneurs 

  •  Does your heart long to express itself in a more authentic way? 
  •  Are you tired of doing it everyone else's way?
  • Have you taken steps into your business but it's just not working and you need to regroup OR move in a new direction?
  • Is it time to discover God's blueprint for your business?
  • Do you need to give yourself PERMISSION to step out and do the thing that God's calling you to do?
  • Could you use help in getting your husband to support you in your business ambitions?
  • Are you open to seeing obstacles, hindrances, and heart work God may need to do so you can HAVE the business he's placed in your heart? (this is KEY)

The truth is, many entrepreneurs are not making the connection between heart and business.  They haven't figured out how to connect the heart work to the business AND how to monetize it and have a sustainable income.  Why is this so important?  Until you zero in to your heart and create a business you LOVE, you will always feel off track. All the strategies, services, programs/packages, etc. won't work effectively if your heart is not invested in it.  

How Can the Heartwork Coaching Program Help You?

Create a life that is completely aligned emotionally, spiritaully, financially, and professionally with who God created you to be.  This program  takes you by the hand and leads you to your heart where God will reveal precious gifts within you, uncovering your Kingdom assignment, and map out God's personalized business blueprint.

The Heart Insights Coaching Program is NOT your typical coaching program. 

Here Is What People Are Saying:

  • "I finally met someone who UNDERSTANDS me."
  • "It's like you read my mind.  I've been praying for someone like you to come into my life."
  • "You are a gifted "archer" hitting the bull's eye with your Heart Insights...everytime!"
  • "You gave me the courage to say what my heart has been wanting to say, but I've been too scared to say it out loud."
  • "You are able to sense what's going on with someone just by looking at them."
  • "You nailed it when you said, 'I am an interpreter of hearts! That's EXACTLY what you are!"
  • "You're so good at insights; I don't know how you do that!"


I draw upon my combination of spiritual and natural gifts (speaking, teaching, counselling, coaching, listening, wisdom, discernment, and prayer).  The Lord has blessed me with ears that can hear what your heart is saying and the ability to read the blueprint from your heart.  I have a God-given ability to speak in pictures to capture your heart, and the words to express it.  

You will:  

  •     Reveal the true heart of your business in a way you've never seen before
  •     Learn to follow your heart and trust yourself more
  •     Discover YOUR designed brilliance 
  •     See who your ideal clients are and how you help them
  •     Start attracting clients naturally and easily through authentic marketing
  •    Remove the blockages (mindsets/fears/beliefs) that stop the flow of abudance
  •     Discover your own "cash cow" to bring in consistent income
  •     Grow a business that glorifies God and makes you money
  •     Learn how to do the right things and in the right order
  •     PLUS much more 

Are you ready to leave your "heartprints" in the world knowing you are doing the exact work you are here on earth to do? Wouldn't you love to do that with clarity, confidence, and conviction?


If you're interested in learning more about this specialized coaching program, contact me for a Get Acquainted Call to get you started. Please fill in all required fields.

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