Doreen is an inspirational and passionate speaker.  She speaks to her audience with enthusiasm and sincerity.  Her talks and workshops combine both her real life experiences and motivational message. She delivers practical, easy-to-apply information that will help you make significant and transformative changes in your life.  


Doreen speaks at:

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Topic:  "Your HEART is the Key:  Unlocking Your Heart to Authentic Relationships and Intimacy with God"

"The guest speaker really spoke to my heart.  I hope to take what I learned this weekend into my week and further days to come."

"The sessions were good, but I especially enjoyed the small group discussions."

"The speaker was fantastic."

"I was really excited that you were speaking this weekend.  Your talks were clear, concise, encouraging, and helpful; and just what I needed.

"I appreciated your authentic, personal, down-to-earth sharing."

"Doreen was an engaging speaker.  One of the sessions hit me on a very personal level."

"I enjoyed how deep you went and how authentic you were."

 Fort Garry EMC, Winnipeg,  Women's Retreat 



Thank you, thank you, thank you...who knew one sentence would make such a difference!!  

I wrote down a sentence when you and Diane were trying to get me to understand that self-acceptance and self-improvement were not mutually exclusive.  The group was talking about perfection vs. self-acceptance and I always thought of self-acceptance as complacency...and therefore no self-improvement...(misguided, I know).

You said, "Improve to excel, not to fix".  I mulled that over for a day or two and then the light bulb went on.  I have always (for decades) thought of my self as various levelsl of "broken".  I needed to fix my weight problem, fix (rehab) my knee surgery, fix my procrastination at work/school, do better/be better, etc.  I NEVER focused on my achievements or celebrated my wins because I thought, "Yeah, you did that but you could have done better."  

Now, instead of thinking of "getting better" in terms of "you are wrong/no good, therefore must get better". I have shifted my thinking (hopefully permanently) to be more like, "How can I do that better (incrementally) to improve?"

That once sentence (now posted on my wall at work) has substantially changed how I view myself, my goals, and how relate with my husband, kids and work!

"Letting Go" Workshop Participant Steinbach, Manitoba


I appreciated that Doreen was willing to share about the challenges which she has overcome in her own business.  The "slinky" demonstration helped me to fully understand her message of reaching out for help, and how much more we can accomplish together rather than trying to do it all on our own as women in business.  Her message was sincere and motivating which is exactly the kind of business woman I aim to be.  She is an inspiring role model!

Diane Stadynk, WBO 10th Anniversary Gala participant


Doreen was a guest presenter at the Women's Business Network - Southeast Manitoba Gala.  Her passion for what she does is evident!  Doreen spoke from the heart about past experiences.  She provided practical advice for all to implement in moving toward their personal and business goals.

Tracey Drabyk-Zirk, WBO Gala participant


I have always known that women, including myself, read into who they are based on comparing their selves to other people and their abilities (especially to other women). I don't give credit to gifts and abilities that God has given me if I think someone else can do better at it than I. I am especially timid with my gifts when I am close to others who do shine similar gifts as I have. God has put me on this journey, I feel, for a reason and I am so thankful for what you spoke on, Doreen. I am one step further in being confident that God has made me beautiful on the inside and the outside, and that my gifts and abilities have value in His kingdom work.  Thanks.

Kristin Serger, Morden E.M.M.C. Morden, MB


Words cannot express how much I thoroughly enjoyed you today on Marnie's Friend’s Blogtalk Radio Show. The information shared was very helpful and great. Every word spoke to my heart and soul; it only confirmed the thoughts the Lord had already been speaking to me. So much, you shared bared witness. May the nakedness of your talks continue to be a blessing to others and those in the kingdom in God. Thank you so much!


To hear Doreen's interview Click Here!


RELEASED Women’s Conference, Belton Missouri

"Doreen Penner was one of the keynote speakers for the Released Women's Conference in the Kansas City, MO, area. Doreen's presentation on the transformation from the caterpillar to the butterfly was anointed and powerful, and was noted as a favorite session on the feedback forms. Doreen is one of the most professional, polished speakers I've ever seen, who delivers beautiful presentations. She is encouraging, authentic, Biblically-based, and is a pleasure to work alongside with. She also has a servant's heart to help you in any way. I highly recommend her as a speaker for your women's event."

Beth Jones, International Speaker/Author/Coach, Butler, MO


Doreen is a transparent and transformative speaker who educates, challenges and inspires! For an honest and anointed word, you must have Doreen at your next ministry event.  

Dr. Naima Johnston Bush, CEO at BrokenBox Ministires Nashville, TN


Thoroughly enjoyed conference.  Loved the theme.  The worship music and prayer was powerful.  The speakers were incredible.  Food and snacks delicious and perfect.  So well organized and could not miss that seeing/sensing the heart of God for all involved was a key ingredient in the preparation and activities.  The seven hours just flew by.  

Carol Nyhan, Missouri

Beth, thank you so much for sponsoring this special day. Each of the women who spoke had such powerful messages and I took something away from each of them. Even though I was raised in church, I am still young in my Christianity and am looking to women like these to learn from... Today was awesome and I'm truly looking forward to your next women's faith event.

Lindsey Dawson, Missouri


“I don’t know what came first; the profession and then Doreen, or Doreen and then the profession. Either way, it’s a perfect fit. I can see why your clients get good results working with you”.

Joan Alexander, Buffalo Point, MB


“When I asked people what I should say about Doreen in my introduction, the response was unanimous: She is a very positive person with a good attitude. I can’t imagine Doreen ever having a negative attitude. She’s very inspiring every time she speaks to us”.

Audrey Neufeld, Carillon Toastmasters, Steinbach, Manitoba


“Walk Into Your Blessing” Women’s Retreat

"Doreen Penner is a great leader and an excellent, professional speaker. Her presentations reach deep into women's hearts to encourage and motivate them to push past their fears, limiting beliefs, and personal growth blocks. Her love for Christ and humble servant's heart shines through in all she does and says, and her smile lights up the room. You feel instantly at home with her when talking with her one on one. Her sincere love for God's daughters is apparent. I highly recommend Doreen as a keynote speaker for your next event. You and those attending will be greatly blessed." 

Beth Jones, Speaker, Author, and Life Coach,



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