Christian Women's Retreats should be a time of refreshing your spirit and to get a renewed experience with God. Women live busy lives and they forget to take time to do self-care. The demands of everday life takes a toll and can have a negative impact on our relationship with one another or with Gods.  If you are an event planner and see a need in your community or church I would encourage you to contact me to discuss your group's needs. Below is a link to guide you through on some key steps as an event planner. I'll do my best to accommodate your wishes and number of sessions.


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Below are my three main Retreat Topic's for you to choose from. These retreat themes will have a lasting impact as we dig into God's word and explore the "Blessings" and and discover the freedom of being "Transformed." 

If God has laid another theme on your heart you can glady contact me and I would be happy to assist you. 


"Your HEART is the Key" : Unlocking your Heart to Authentic Relationships and Intimacy with God


Learn the keys to unlock your heart and embrace what it means to be God's daughter. Bring your journals as you take a journey to the heart and discover what God has placed inside you. Each session comes with group discussion questions.  

Seession 1:  Created in Your Heart

God has already placed wonderful gifts and talents inside of you that make you remarkably fitted for what he has called you to do.  Do you know what that is?

Session 2:  Closet of  Your Heart

There are things have been tucked away in the corners of your heart, and that lie hidden from others, even yourself.  Once you release what's in your heart, you will be unstoppable to do what you've been placed here to do.

Session 3: Connecting with your Heart

God desires you to go deep and have an intimate relationship with him. As your relationship with God grows, you will be freed up to loved others deeply from the heart.


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 "Walk Into Your Blessing"


God wants you to discover and follow his call in your life, so you can experience the blessings He has in store for you. Learn to walk boldly and confidently into your blessings.

Session 1 Walk With Shoes That Fit

You can't be anyone you're not!  The only way to wear shoes that fit is to be true to who you are and the way God has created you.

Session 2 Clear the Path to Follow God's Call

There are many reasons why women don't step out to follow God's call on their life. Find out what the obstacles are that keep holding you back.

Session 3 Embrace God's Blessing for Your Life

God wants to expand your territory and bless you. The way to receive these blessings is to walk with boldness and courage into whatever direction God may be leading you.


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"RELEASED! Set Free to Fly" 


Butterflies are beautiful. Once they've been transformed they experience complete freedom; they are almost uncatchable. Just like a butterfly, you too, must be transformed into who God has called you to be. God releases you in His timing. Your job is to be patient as He prepares you and sets you free to fly. There is no one quite like you...remarkable, beautiful, delightful, and distinctly YOU.

Session 1 God Has Beautifully Designed You

God captured your heart when He created you. He knew exactly what He was getting when He made you.  You are indeed remarkable.

Session 2 Cocooned and Transformed

The transformation process is absolutely essential. All people are cocooned and bound until they experience God's releasing power in their lives. It's through this process that you get shaped and defined, and God reveals to you what makes you BRILLIANT.

Session 3 Fluttering Your New Wings

Imagine the exhilarating feeling of being released and "sent out" by God, doing what He has placed you here on earth to do. It takes some time to get use to your new wings, but in time you will be unstoppable as you fly in complete, unihibited freedom.


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