Doreen's Keynote Speeches


Transformed and Set Free

Butterflies are beautiful. Just like a butterfly, you too must be transformed into who God has called you to be. It doesn't happen overnight; it's a process.  Allow God to reveal the beautifully created, and delightfully distinct YOU.


Sifted and Shifted

Firey trials and intense personal storms can shake you to the core.  God purifies and refines you, burning off any fakeness and producing genuine faith.  God wouldn't sift you if there wasn't something that needed sifting.  Learn the process that God takes you through and how he can be the calm in your storm.  


Broken Cisterns

Spiritual refreshment comes from God who is the "fountain of living water" (Jer. 2:23). True life is found in God. Why are we content to drink from broken cisterns that only provide polluted waters that neither quench nor satisfy? Life ends up empty and unfulfilling. Learn how to quench your thirst from the ONE who truly satisfies!


Single Talks for Personal and Spiritual Growth


The Treasure Within

Each one of you comes equipped with natural abililities, skills, expertise, and wisdom that other people come benefit from.  Discover how you can use your unique gifts to make a difference in the lives of others.   


Stop Striving, Start Thriving:

Are you tired of struggling in your life?  Would you like to know how you can make changes to improve your current circumstances?  This workshop will help you get clear on what you really want in your life.  We will look at steps you can take to start thriving in different areas of your life, and show you how you can make more effective choices, and implement new habits, that will produce better, more desirable results.


Connecting Purpose to Possibility:

Discover 5 simple steps to get clarity on how to align your purpose, share your GIFT, and see how you can create possibilities in your own life.


The 5 Keys to Abundance: 

Doreen helps you with your journey from surviving to thriving in her life. Learn the 5 keys to taking charge of your life and embracing the power to pursue your own dreams and goals.


How "hand-me-down" Thinking Keeps You Playing Small

We have so much more potential than we think we do, but our past can hinder who we become. Learn how to unhook from the past, value who you are, and move beyond what's stopping you.


Living Your Core Values:

This workshop helps participants discover their core values and how you can create a life around those values.  Participants will learn to recognize when they are not honoring those values and how that causes you to feel out of alignment with what is truly important to you. People who live and honor their values are often happier; less stressed, and find it easier to make important decisions that affects their life.


Setting and Achieving Your Goals:

Setting goals doesn't have to be complicated or stressful. This workshop will teach you how to set and achieve realistic personal or professional goals that you can reach by following simple, practical steps. Accomplishing your goals will get your life moving in the right direction and allow you to get the results you want.


Shape Your Business Around Your Designed Brilliance

Get the CLARITY you need to grow your business.  Learn the 7 key steps every solo-entrepreneur must know to create a thriving business that completely aligns with their purpose, and naturally attracts more clients, doing what you love.


Mentor Training Workshop

This workshop provides you with a broad overview of the topic of mentoring.  We look at the value, benefits, and growing need for mentors in various settings.  Participants will gain an understanding of the mentor's role and be equipped to establish an effective mentoring relationship.  Mentoring workshops can be tailored to the needs and reqirements of the ogranization.  

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