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"Here's what people are saying about Doreen" 


Doreen Penner is a powerful woman who is doing exactly what she's born to do.  From the first coaching session to the last her insights have rocked my world, left me with goosebumps, sometimes tears.  She's always bang on; she has intangible gift with people and being able to see into their hearts.  Her work with me couldn't have been of better timing, she has undoubtedly helped to touch and change my life, and my crossing paths with her has proved to be invaluable.  She is a gem who I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to figure out their passion, purpose, destiny, and to finally embark on that rewarding journey.

Flo Oramasionwu, Winnipeg, MB


Thank you, Doreen.  I love the words you used to summarize my heart.  I will step out in faith to be this person that God has designed me to be -- not tomorrow -- but right now.  Thank you for helping me discover what's in my heart in a real way. 

Even though I have had a dream in my heart for a long, long time, I have been afraid for some reason to believe in it -- to allow God to use me to fulfill that dream. I lacked confidence in myself until I spent time with Doreen in her coaching program where she spent time helping me connect my heart with that passion for others and how I could use that to build a  business.

I love people -- I specifically have a heart for those who are lonely, downtrodden, needing extra love and encouragement.  I believed that God was nudging me somehow to take that passion for wanting to help others to a place where I could also fulfill my forever dream.  That's where Doreen helped me visualize myself as a "shepherd" of sorts to reach down and pull others up. 

I know God has blessed me with a sense of compassion due to the life experiences I have gone through and He wants me to step out in faith and use those experiences to serve others.  I am so thankful that Doreen has drawn that picture for me -- to help me believe in myself and the dream I know God has placed on my heart.  She made me realize my own uniqueness in what I had to offer and also helped me figure out some things that were holding me back.

I would highly recommend her to you if you are needing to connect your heart with your business.  I know God is using her in a very special way.  I am so thankful for the way she digs deep into your heart and soul to help you be that special person God created you to be!

Sue Graber, West Des Moines, Iowa  


"Doreen Penner, a professional speaker and coach, will encourage you through the journey of redefining yourself. If it is a business idea you want to pursue or growing in your own self-confidence, Doreen will guide you through the process.  You are so worth in - you'll be glad you invested in yourself."

Karen Wiebe, Miami, Manitoba


"In my head I knew God wanted me to speak, to connect with women and share the lessons I had been learning and yet I felt like I simply hid out in a cave, unsure of the next step to take.  In working with Doreen as a coach through her Capture Your Brilliance Coaching Program, I began to realize my potential, discover my God-given BRILLIANCE, and passion for speaking and storytelling.  I even quit fearing the marketing - the letting people know I am availabe.  As she broke the journey from how stuck I felt to the potential beyond, I began to see possibilities and the fun of the journey - even the marketing,

Doreen's compassion, patience, sincerity, integrity and encouragement enabled me to discover first the yard beyond the cave and then the wide open spaces beyond the gate. The pictures God gave her to share, corresponded with His working in my heart and helped me visualize the possibilities ahead.

Doreen asks pertinent questions to get to know you and where you are at in your journey, then offers suggestions and resources, prayers and encouragement. as you work on taking the next step and then another.  I am grateful for her coaching.  I believe she offers a valuable service to enable women to learn what their next step is to discover their brilliance - I know she did for me.  Thank you so much for your patience as you walked the journey with me."

Carol Harrison, Saskatoon, SK,  Carols Corner


I thank for Doreen’s amazing God centered coaching for guiding me towards the leap of faith I was putting off. God had placed a dream in my heart which I was ignoring for fear of taking the risk. I was working as an employment coach for an organization where it became more and more difficult to fly with my God given gifts. I was very “comfortable” with full time hours, a pretty reasonable wage, great hours, a supportive boss, full benefits, and able to use some of my gifts and talents. But something wasn’t right. I began to feel confused and depressed. I was judging myself for not appreciating a great job. I started to question my career path and thought I would take a course to better my coaching skills. I even thought about changing my profession, one of which I had so much passion and experience. The confusion was extremely overwhelming to the point which I felt that maybe I needed to quit my job and see the doctor for treatment of depression.


But God had other plans for me. He had led me to Doreen Penner and her Capturing your Brilliance coaching. I knew that God had placed something in my heart, but I needed some guidance to help me sort it all out.


Doreen’s coaching guided me to see my brilliance. Doreen’s questions would direct me towards my own heart and what God was calling me to do. My “aha” moment came with Doreen’s weekly Tuesday evening call when it became very clear to me that I needed to take the leap of faith and quit my job to focus on God’s vision for me and my career.


I have recently completed my coaching package with Doreen. I have received the required government funding to start up Opening Doors to Success Inc. in Steinbach. This service is equipped to empower people who need to see their light in the darkness of unemployment. As I found my light in my dark place, I am giving back and using my God given brilliance to help others to see their light and colors so that they can become successful members of our growing business community.


I highly recommend Doreen’s Capturing Your Brilliance coaching to guide you to see your brilliance. Her passion towards following your heart will give you the confidence to know that you are on the right track and help you recognize your individual steps towards success.


Nancy McNaughton,   Director of Opening Doors to Success Inc.  Steinbach, MB

Opening Doors to Success


Before I started with Doreen I was very confused and frustrated. I knew God had put things inside of me. I could feel it in my gut but I didn’t know what it was or what I supposed to do. God gives everyone gifts and talents and has a purpose for each one of our lives, but I didn’t know what mine were.   When I went through the coaching with Doreen, she helped me to see the things I have been longing for, as impossible as they seem, they are there for a reason, and I should not ignore them. She drew out some of my gifts which I didn’t know I had and taught me to step out and use those gifts, look for opportunities to grow and develop them. Now when I get up in the morning I pay attention to what is in my heart and to move toward the things God has placed in my heart. I am moving toward my destiny and Doreen has helped me to see the things I couldn’t see in myself, and to step out and use these gifts to help others.

Thank you Doreen, these six weeks have truly propelled me forward!

Clair Falk, Manitoba                                                                                                                                                        

 When someone is 'out there'  willing to help guide a lost soul as far as marketing your profession, Doreen Penner is the one who will help you. Its common in today's academia to seek the skills of a Professional Coach to discovery your 'Brilliance' as she calls it.  I discovered that knowing my Brilliance is my success to fulfilling my Destiny. God has given each one of us a measure of grace in  which we are called to live by.  It takes a measure of courage to discover this Divine gift that has been given to us. As Doreen walks along side of you the fear of perhaps not being gifted turns into discovering your Divine uniqueness by which you serve God and man. Allow me to say -that's Brilliant!!

Doreen has you convinced that in order to work smart you have to know who you are. Over a number of warm and friendly phone calls these passions are analyzed and eventually given a new name, Brilliance!! I would never have guessed that my zeal for certain things or certain behaviors could actually become my Brilliance, which in turn can be marketed and become my career.

Doreen is highly skilled as a Professional Coach.  She leads and guides in wisdom and such warmth of character that it feels easy and natural to be yourself.  Even in the ease of her presence she skillfully directs and purposes all of the comments made towards discovering your Brilliance!!
I would encourage you to make the call and learn all about who you are!

Maddi Dyck, Winkler, MB


I enjoyed 6 weeks of coaching with Doreen.  Each call was preceded by a brief prayer, asking God for wisdom and guidance during our call.  I appreciated having the calls on the phone which saved my valuable time.  I found Doreen to be very intuitive and helpful.  She asked perceptive questions and listened carefully.  I can now see my God-given gifts and natural abilities more clearly.  She helped me to see what iti is that I give to the people around me.  I would highy recommend the "Capturing Your Brilliance and Living it Out" E-workbook to anyone who is seeking direction for their life.  We all have gifts and talents that are evident in our everyday lives.  I was unsure wabout what direction to take in my future, and now I have options to explore.

 Denise Klassen, Vita, MB


My heart had been crying out for a long time for a deeper calling, a greater story, for something more than my present career.  How does one express that calling when everything seems to be so right and perfect on the surface?  As a matter of fact, I could not verbalize my desires.  Every time I was asked what I would like to do besides my present occupation, I froze.

I knew I needed help.  I needed help to define my calling, my passions, my heart.  These were the questions I brought to Doreen.  I began to define my values and my gifts. I was challenged to face my own fears that were keeping me back from walking in my passions.  I soon came to see that my life story becomes my own life mission.

I realized my message to share with people is about God's love and that He is real.  SPEAKING stirs up my message.  I realized I needed to OWN my own voice.  I had something to give to the world. It almost shocked me to come to understand that not only is it ok to want to have a voice and speak, but I am robbing others from hearing nuggets of truth if I do not speak up.

What was the next step?  I need to look for opportunities to speak and always find a reason to share nuggets of truth.  If speaking stirs up my message, I have a message to share.

I have come to understand my own heart.  God created me with passions and values and gifts. He created me to be free: free to shine, free to speak, free to give. As I dance freely in my calling, in my passions, in the message God has given me to share, others can be set free to dance in their relationship with Jesus and in their gifting.

Junia Loewen, Winnipeg, MB


I was not fulfilled at my current place of employment. I knew I could do better. I was afraid to take the next step but through the coaching process I was able to discover the potenial in me through our coaching sessions. Doreen took the time to listen and she gave me the clear direction to advance in my career. I would highly reccommend Doreen if you are serious in making some major advancements in your life.

R.P. Steinbach, MB


I have been privileged to attend a few of Doreen’s workshops.  She is a well-informed and passionate speaker, personable  and easy to listen to. I have come away from her workshops with ideas that I have been able to incorporate  in to my life. I highly recommend Doreen if you want someone to give you guidance and help in deciding what direction to head with your life.

Edna Russell, Landmark, MB


I've known Doreen for many years - as a personal friend, a coach, and just recently I was also blessed to hear her speak at a Church Ladies Event.  She is very passionate and whenever I talk with her, I am inspired.  She has helped me believe that my dreams are possible.  She has helped me break out of my boxes, step out of my comfort zone and has helped set me on the path to becoming the person God created me to be.  Thanks Doreen.

Rachel Giesbrecht, Portage la Prairie, MB