Living Authentic Faith Women's Devotional

Living Authentic Faith Women's Devotional Doreen Penner       Living Authentic Faith Wheel


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Annoucing a brand new one year devotional for women by Doreen Penner. In today's world, we face many challeges to live life authentically as God requires from us. The Chiristian faith is being attacked from all directions so it's imperative, we understand how God is calling us to live our faith in ways that will show others his love.  

This devotional way take you a journey, that will ask those hard questions to encourage and remind you that you are a child of God. As you read and medatate on a daily basis, God will start doing a good work in his creation. Each daily reading comes with scripture references for you to medatate on His word. This devotional is to used as a resource to equip you in your walk with God. 

About the Authour    


With pen in hand, she filled the pages of her prayer journal. These weren’t random words or thoughts, they were the words Jesus was impressing on her heart.Vivid impressions began to emerge about how God sees all aspects of our hearts. God yearns for us to live authentic faith, not the pale imitation that dampens His passion within us.This one year devotional will take you on a journey to the depths of your heart. Imagine that Jesus is speaking to you, only you. It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will inspire you to live your life authentically. Come and sit awhile at the feet of Jesus. Absorb these words and impressions, drink from the  river of life, as the Holy Spirit touches your heart in a new way.